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Grammar vs Grammer – Pick The Correct Word

With so many words with multiple spelling variations and with the existence of homophones, it’s no wonder that some people are unsure whether a word was just misspelled or if it was an actual word on its own. If you’ve ever encountered the word “Grammer,” you might have dismissed it as merely an error when typing “grammar.” Or perhaps you might have thought that it was the Brittish spelling of the latter. But in actuality, you should not be using Grammer in place of grammar because the two words are not interchangeable. Let’s take a look at what each word means and finally settle the grammar vs grammer debacle.


Grammar is the set of rules for sentence structure. It explains the correct placement of words in a sentence for a particular language. Grammar is there to ensure the proper conveying of messages when written and spoken. Each language follows different grammar guidelines, such as in the case of the order of grammar elements in sentence construction.



People don’t commonly use this word but that’s because Grammer is a proper noun. Grammer is a surname and also a place in Indiana.


Grammar vs Grammer

After finding out what each word means, it’s fairly easy to know the difference. You always capitalize Grammer but rarely use it. When it comes to grammar vs grammer, chances are you mean the former. Unless, of course, if you’re somehow referring to the actor, musician, or community in Indiana. Still, here’s a little trick to really get the difference in your head:

When there’s an A, it’s the arrangement of words in a sentence. But if it’s an E, it’s exact so you capitalize it.

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