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About Word Count Tool

The Word Counter Tool is a free online tool to help you count words, characters, sentences and paragraphs in your writing. Our Word Counter is easy to use, simply copy and paste your content from your document into our text area and the word count you are looking for will be displayed above your text. Whether you’re working on Microsoft Word, Pages or Google Docs, we’ve got your word count covered! 

In addition, we provide the Flesch reading score, and speaking time, so you can have the best content written. The Flesch reading score shows how complex your text is. The more difficult it is to read, the lower the score. Here’s a tip: Use short sentences for higher readability and easy reading! The speaking time shows the average time you need to read the content, if you’re delivering a speech.

It is important to know the word count for the text you’re working on, if you haven’t already know! Regardless you’re writing a school report, an essay, an article, a story, a book or even a speech, our Word Counter Tool will make sure you stay within the limit. As a bonus, with our Word Frequency counter, let us show you the word frequency in your content, so you can ensure your keywords are not too repetitive, or if you’re over-using any keyword. Remember, unique words are the best! 

Our Word Count Tool site also offers other useful tools for your creative writing, apart from being an online word counter. Check out our Character Counter Tool, Scrabble Word Finder, Pomodoro Timer, and Mind Map Tool.

Craft your perfect post on your social media accounts with the Character Counter Tool. Stay within the character count limit for Facebook posts (80 characters), Twitter (280 characters), and Instagram (150 characters) for the optimal engagement of your followers! The countdown in the character counter tool for social media lets you plan ahead as you craft your writing.

Getting ready for a game of Scrabble during Game Night? Our Scrabble Word Finder is the secret weapon you need! Nail every game of yours with our Scrabble Word Finder! Simply input the letters you have, and we provide you with the words! 

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management system to increase your productivity every day. This technique is developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s and has since proved its effectiveness! In our version of Pomodoro Timer, we provide the preset Pomodoro timers, or set your own timers! You’ve got to try it to feel it, procrastination no more!  

Use our Mind Map Tool to organise, summarise and visualise your thoughts as you write! With our intuitive and easy-to-use interface, you can customise your mind map to suit your style. Return to your work easily with our auto-save feature, or share your mind map with your friends. 

With these useful word count tools, we’re sure you’ll create the best original content! Bookmark our site now!

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Q: How to find the word count using the word counter tool?
A: Type your text into the space, and the word count will be updated as you type. Alternatively, copy and paste your text into the space, and your word count will be provided. 

Q: What is Flesch reading score?
A: The Flesch reading ease measures the complexity of a text. The lower your score, the more complex your text is. The Flesch readability score uses the average length of your sentences and the average number of syllables per word in an equation to calculate your score. 

Q: How do I increase my word count?
A: Add examples in your points or explain your points more elaborately are quick ways to increase your word count. 

Q: How do I reduce my word count?
A: Use active voice instead of passive voice in your sentences, eliminate unnecessary words are quick ways to reduce your word count.

Q: How many pages is 1000 words?
A: A good estimate is 2 pages for font size 12 pt and single spaced.

Q: How many pages is 2000 words?
A: A good estimate is 4 pages for font size 12 pt and single spaced. 

Q: How many pages is 3000 words?
A: A good estimate is 6 pages for font size 12 pt and single spaced. 

Q: What is the word count for 1 page?
A: A good estimate of the word count for font size 12 pt and single spaced in 1 page is 500 words.

Q: How many words is 280 characters?
A: The character limit for Twitter is 280 characters, and that is approximately 55 words given an average length of 5.1 characters per word. 

Q: How do you count words in an essay?
A: Simply copy and paste your essay into our word counter tool, and you’ll get the word count for your essay.

Q: How do I find the word count in Google Docs?
A: Find the word count for your Google Docs document in the ‘Tools’ tab.  

Q: How do I find the word count in Microsoft Word?
A: Find the word count for your Microsoft Word document in 3 ways: On the status bar, in the menu bar and in the ribbon tabs. 

Q: Is Grammarly a free service?
A: Yes, absolutely! You can choose to use its grammar and plagiarism checking services for free. They offer a paid-for premium version for more advanced services.