9 Best Reading Apps for Students

In today’s digital age, students have more options than ever for accessing and reading books. Thanks to reading apps, students can access textbooks, classic literature, and other reading materials from their smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

Below, we have listed some of the best reading apps available in the market. These apps make it easy for students to read, take notes, and highlight text on the go.

1. Readwise

As students, reading is often associated with classwork. If you’re a student and wondering “how to do my dissertation” effectively, one of the most important steps is to do research efficiently. One of the best reading apps that can assist students with their college assignments is called Readwise.

This app allows you to import your Kindle highlights, Twitter likes, and other saved content into a central location, making it easy to review and organize your notes. Readwise also offers daily email summaries of your saved content, helping you to stay on top of your reading and reinforce learning.

2. LiquidText

Another great reading app for students is LiquidText. This app provides a unique way to annotate and review PDF documents by allowing you to create virtual sticky notes, highlight text, and even draw connections between different sections of your reading material.

LiquidText also allows you to easily compare and contrast different sections of your reading material, helping you to synthesize information and write a more effective dissertation.

3. Google Play Books

Google’s ebook app, Google Play Books, offers a wide selection of free and paid ebooks. It can also be used as a standalone app for reading pdfs, epubs, and books in other formats. Users can also find audiobooks via this app.

Students can easily find research materials and academic journals on this app. The app features a range of customization options, and users can also highlight text, take notes, and share quotes. Google Play Books is available for free on both Android and iOS devices.

4. Kindle

Amazon’s Kindle app is a popular option for accessing and reading ebooks. The app allows users to download and read books from the Kindle store and features a range of customization options, such as font size, text style, and background color.

With the app, users can also highlight text, take notes, and share quotes on social media. However, the main downside is that students will have to pay for each book they purchase via Kindle. Alternatively, they can load the ebooks they already have into the app.

5. ReadEra

ReadEra is a reading app that allows users to read ebooks in a variety of formats, including EPUB, PDF, MOBI, and others. The app features a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily customize their reading experience, including font size, background color, and text alignment.

With ReadEra, users can also bookmark pages, highlight text, take notes, and search for specific words or phrases within a book.

6. Scribd

Scribd is a subscription-based reading app that offers access to a wide range of ebooks, audiobooks, and other documents. On Scribd, Students can find both books for leisure reading or titles that can help them upgrade their essay writing skills or boost their academic performance.

With the app, users can customize their reading experience, including font size, text style, and background color. The subscription fee is also affordable, making it a good choice for students.

7. Blinklist

Blinkist is a reading app that provides summaries of non-fiction books. The app condenses the key ideas, concepts, and insights from a variety of non-fiction books into 15-minute “blinks,” which can be read or listened to. Blinkist features more than 4,500 titles across a wide range of genres, including business, psychology, health, and more.

With Blinkist, students can quickly and easily access valuable information from a variety of books without having to read the entire book. The app also offers personalized recommendations based on the user’s interests and reading history. Blinkist is available for both iOS and Android devices and offers a free trial for new users.

8. Libby

Libby is a library reading app by OverDrive. For those unaware, OverDrive is a library lending platform that allows users to borrow ebooks and audiobooks from their local library. With Libby, users can browse their local library’s collection, borrow books, and download them to their devices.

Moreover, it also allows students to tailor the reading experience according to their preferences. Students will be able to set the desired background color, bookmark pages, highlight text, and take notes. Libby is available for both iOS and Android devices. However, students will need to use a valid library card from a participating library to access its collection.

9. Apple Books

Finally, we have Apple Books, created by Apple Inc. If you already use an Apple device, then this is perhaps the best app for you. Apple Books synchronize seamlessly with all Apple devices. This means that you can start reading a book on one device and pick up where you left off on another device.

The interface is also pretty cool. With epubs, the animation will actually replicate the effect of turning the pages of a book. Apple Books also supports interactive books that feature animations, audio, and video.


These reading apps come with excellent features such as personalized recommendations, interactive content, and easy accessibility. With these, students can develop a love for reading and even enhance their learning experience.