10 Best Online Bookstores For New And Used Books

Finding the perfect online bookstore is not as easy as it seems. Even with the internet, not all online bookstores have the reading materials you’re looking for. It’s also not easy to find one that features used books. Fortunately, this dilemma ends today. We were able to track down some of the best online bookstores of new and used books. All you have to do is read on and you’ll certainly find the book you need to kill time.

Unlike online publishers such as ICUE and lulu, various bookstores allow customers to purchase physical books and have them delivered to their homes. Being stuck at home is super boring. It’s understandable to want a book on the side to read instead of waiting for the next hit show on your preferred streaming platform. A lot of book lovers or bibliophiles hope to skip the word counter present in eBook readers and prefer the feel of an old-fashioned novel in their hands. To get you started, just look through our list of online bookstores and get all the reading materials you want to be delivered to your doorstep in no time.


Narrowing your search for the best online bookstore

When it comes to searching for online bookstores, there are millions of existing sites to choose from. You have to consider their reliability and the shipping cost that comes along with your order. Fortunately, there are online bookstores that cater to trading or exchanging various reading materials from customers-turned-vendors on their web bookstore. There are also sites that offer renting books for a period of time. Not all online purchases are expensive since there are shops that offer cheap and reasonable services for those hoping to save money. An added plus is that most stores nowadays also offer free shipping for every transaction.

If you don’t mind spending too much, there are sites on our list that have a wide range of old and newly published books in mint condition. Most of them might add a hefty price for their delivery services but you’re guaranteed to get the best service. Once you receive your package, don’t forget to leave a review! A pro tip is minding your character count to keep soon-to-be customers informed before they consider buying what you purchased. For more information, go ahead and check out our list and splurge on some of the latest bestsellers and quality used books that these online bookstores have to offer!


1. Go ahead and browse at Amazon

amazon books, online book store

Online shoppers stick to the basics when it comes to buying their desired goods. Amazon is an established company that is famous for its reliable online bookstore. You can instantly get access to the latest releases from authors you love. The company’s online bookstore directory also features used books on sale. Customers who are hoping to save can buy pre-loved items. With the company offering various options for its consumers, it’s no surprise that most bookworms prefer to shop for books from Amazon’s online bookstore directory. From beloved classics to the latest bestsellers, the well-known web bookstore offers a wide selection of titles that you can easily choose from.


2. Find almost every book you want on Barnes and Noble

barnes and noble, online book store

Barnes and Noble, or Barnes & Noble, is one of the biggest booksellers in America. The company has hundreds of retail outlets spanning across the United States. Bookworms naturally turn to this reliable bookstore when it comes to finding the best titles. Bibliophiles and book shopaholics can browse through the vast book archive of Barnes and Noble’s online bookstore. You can find some of the latest bestsellers and the rarest signed copies of books from your favorite authors. You might also come across some used textbooks you’ll rarely find in stores that are up for sale on Barnes and Noble.


3. Buy or sell books with Powell’s Books

powells city of books, online book store

Add more unique and exciting titles to your book collection by checking out Powell’s Books. It’s said to be the largest independent bookstore in the world. You can easily find the best new and used books up for sale once you log-in to their online bookstore. Read some of the heartwarming reviews left from fellow bookworms that have no word count limit. Powell’s Books also sells out-of-print books for readers looking to add something rare to their shelves. If you’re struggling to choose from their wide selection of new and used reading materials, you can also consult from their staff’s list of recommendations. Once you create an account, you can sell some of your books and give a new reader a chance to experience the contents of your pre-loved item.


4. Pay it forward and get free shipping with Better World Books

betterworld books, online book store

The online bookstore of Better World Books is like most of the new and used online bookstores on Google. However, Better World Books certainly lives up to its name as it donates a book for every customer purchase. The company also collects used books from various college campus to donate to different non-profit organizations. If you plan to buy from its extensive book directory, you’d not only donate a book to those in need but you’ll also save more money with worldwide free shipping included in every purchase. When you become one of Better World Books’ customers, you’ll be one of the millions who donated and help fund libraries and saved the environment by reusing and recycling used books.


5. Free books are possible with PaperBackSwap

paperback swap, online book store

If you’re hoping to trade your pre-loved books with fellow bookworms, PaperBackSwap has got your back. This online bookstore gives its customers the opportunity to trade books and earn credit. One credit means having one free book. By creating an account and trading at least one book, you’re entitled to two credits, meaning you get two free books! Just continue to trade with fellow users and you’ll get a collection of quality books without spending a single dime. By earning and using the credit from your trades, you’ll be able to have a larger discount on all of your transactions. Aside from the used items offered, you can also find and purchase new titles in PaperBackSwap’s online directory.


6. Diversify your shelf with BookMooch

bookmooch, online book store

You can find rare and non-English titles in BookMooch’s expansive online bookstore directory. Customers can sign up for free and put up their pre-loved books for sale without having to ship them out instantly. With this, you can save a lot of time and money.  You can also request any book that you want to add to your collection. BookMooch certainly widened the range of genres they have on their online bookstore since they opened their website internationally. You can easily have a more diverse bookshelf after signing up and opting to subscribe to BookMooch’s updates.


7. Save your money and the environment with ThriftBooks

thriftbooks, online book store

If you’re planning to sign up for ThriftBooks, you’ll instantly be a part of their goal of saving their environment. The online bookstore aims to lessen the waste that they receive from book suppliers. They send the unused and excess material to different recycling plants. ThriftBooks also partnered with their vendors and various libraries to make sure that none of their products, new or used, goes to waste. When you get the chance, browse through their web bookstore directory and watch out for their cheap prices and their reasonable bulk purchase deals.


8. Connect with independent books shops using Biblio

Biblio, online book store

Hoping to find rare books that aren’t sold on Amazon or Barnes and Noble? Lessen your worries by signing up at Biblio. Bibliophiles who are looking to add some rare or special edition books to their collection can connect with independent book shops and antique dealers through this online bookstore. Once you open its website, you’ll be greeted with rare offers of first edition book copies. Fulfill your wish of having a well-curated shelf and consult some of the experts partnered with Biblio.


9. Purchase an underrated novel among the half-price books found in Daedalus

Daedalus Books and Music, online book store

Daedalus Books and Music’s online bookstore is connected to a large number of publishers. Because of this, you can finally find books no longer sold in stores and purchase them in mint condition. Its unique online book directory also showcases the rarest titles that probably never made it to the shelf of your local bookstore. Don’t be fooled by the fact that most books in their inventory were not mass-produced. Various bibliophiles turn to Daedalus Books and Music in hopes of finding masterpieces of literature that were never meant to be sold at the Barnes and Noble store near you. By creating an account, you’ll have access to the best cheapest prices and discounted deals available. If you’re ever unsatisfied with your purchase, Daedalus Books and Music lets customers return what they bought and get them either refunded or exchanged for something better.


10. On a tight budget? You can rent books at Valore Books

valore books, online book store

Formerly known as Skyo, Valore Books is an online bookstore bent on helping its customers save money. They not only offer cheap and reasonable prices but also allow you to rent the books available in their directory. You also have the option of extending the due date of your rented book. You can read it to your heart’s content and return the book whenever you please. For college and university students, you can easily find the textbooks you need in Valore Book’s roster.