How to Use Productivity Tools To Encourage Learning

Thinking of studying abroad? If you are, you need to go to a place that not only delivers exceptional educational results but will also set you apart from other candidates in the employment market when you graduate. In that regard, there’s nothing quite like Ireland. The country is famous for its excellent education system. In fact, all of Ireland’s universities ranked in the top 5% globally. The Irish education system is in the top 20 internationally.

What makes Ireland stand out from the rest of the world in terms of education? First off, the country has high education standards and these are enforced whether you attend a private, government or religious institution. Irish education management groups that focus on certain cities also play a vital role. They keep education standards consistent and help create and keep a culture of excellence among pupils.


Cork Education And Training Board

One prestigious training group is the Cork Education And Training Board, or Cork ETB. Cork ETB plans, provides, supports and coordinates education, training and youth services in Cork City, Ireland. Their clients vary from students to community education and training groups, voluntary community organizations, etc.


Productivity Tools To Enhance Learning

To accomplish what they set out to do, Cork ETB or CETB, encourages the use of various powerful productivity tools like the Word Count tool and Pomodoro Timer, to help their learners accomplish their goals. If you aren’t familiar with productivity tools, now’s a great time to get with the program. Productivity tools help people stay on task and organized. If it helps you accomplish tasks in a short amount of time, shorter than how you would do it before, it is a productivity tool.

Most of the chat apps and websites you use are productivity tools, and maybe you just didn’t Know it – Slack, Clockify, Google Drive, and Google Calendar, etc. Within the academy, the Word Count tool, Pomodoro Timer, and Mind Map Maker are some of the most popular ones.

Let’s go over the productivity tools used in school one by one.


Word Count Tool

When you are a student, whether you are in grade school, high school, or college, you will be expected to do a lot of writing. You’ll be asked to write essays, book reports, etc. If you’re given a minimum or maximum or maximum amount of words to write, a word count tool, or word counter, will help you stay within a required limit. It helps keep your final product from becoming too long and dreary to read. Alternatively, a word count also works in keeping the final product from becoming too short and lacking substance.

To use it, you simply have to copy and paste your work onto the word counter, and the word counter automatically gets to work, giving the exact number of words in your submitted text. Some writing programs and sites, such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs, for example, even have their own built-in word counter.


Pomodoro Timer

pomodoro timer, pomodoro technique

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In addition to word counters, other tools exist to help students improve their productivity. These include the Pomodoro timer, based on the Pomodoro method or Pomodoro technique. A man named Francesco Cirillo developed them in the 1980s, with the goal of increasing productivity.

The Pomodoro method revolves around a series of 25-minute cycles, each called a Pomodoro. A 5-minute break separates each Pomodoro from the others. The first 3 breaks each last for 5 minutes, while the fourth break lasts for 15 minutes, after which the cycle resets. This technique is an excellent time management tool for students. It will help them divide their study time in between subjects.

It also improves focus and concentration levels. In time, students won’t need to play games, check social media, or do other unrelated things instead of study. Their brains will naturally be programmed to focus within the desired time, and relax within a given time.

Like word counters, students can easily find a Pomodoro timer online. Many of them work on the original Pomodoro method, but they can also customize a Pomodoro timer for their preferred time. This allows students to work according to their personal rhythm, while still getting the benefits of using the Pomodoro technique.


Mind Map

Our third productivity tool is the mind map. A mind map is basically a flow chart, starting from the main idea that a writer must work with. From there, sub-ideas branch out, each having its own branches leading to related topics and details. Students can use this in writing book reports, essays, and term papers because it works like an outline, letting the student see the structure of what they’re working on.

For example, if they’re working on a book report, they can put it in the center, for example, Characters, and under that, for the sub-ideas, they can place goals, motivations, and struggles. Think of it as an article or essay or project outline in tree form. How do mind maps help students? Mind maps help students organize their thoughts and ideas. When they are organized, students have a more concrete thought process, they have a better idea on how to improve their work.

Online Mind Map Makers

Students can easily find a map maker online, many of them free and easy to use. They can also use other programs, such as Microsoft Office, for example, as a map maker. In fact, if they are more comfortable doing so, they can use a simple pen and paper to make a mind map without having to use a computer at all.

Earlier in the article, we discussed how training groups in different cities improve the quality of education in Ireland. These groups work hand in hand with the government and have the support of both the national and international government. Going back to one such group, let’s talk more about the Cork Education and Training Board (CETB).

The group takes a holistic approach to education, they have musical educational programs and support music programs at all levels. They tuition programs for both classical and traditional Irish music, and organize various bands and ensembles for students to practice and show off their talents and skills.


CETB’s Youth Services

In the education system of Ireland, no one is left alone. In CETB, and in other education management groups, youth services, such as the Young People’s Facilities and Services Fund (YPFSF) help students overcome drug abuse in various ways. These include providing them access to sports and recreation, among other ways to distance them from dangerous drugs.


CETB’s Further Education Program

In Ireland, learning is an ongoing process. Graduating from college doesn’t mean you stop learning, which is why, in addition to its primary services, education management groups like the CETB have a Further Education and Training (FET) program to help individuals who need to acquire specific skills for employment, or simply need additional education to progress to more advanced studies.

The CETB also offers assistance for disadvantaged youth, such as those from homeless backgrounds. The program aims to develop them on personal and social levels, giving them the necessary knowledge and skills to allow them to properly integrate into society in the future.


Final Thoughts

To sum it up, it’s pretty clear why Ireland has unbeatable standards of education and research. The nation has the moniker “The Land Of Saints And Scholars”. It embraces a vision of higher education that takes advantage of all the ways students can further themselves.

From training groups to music programs, to the reinforcement of productivity tools, a genuine willingness to give their people a better future lies at the heart of this country’s education system, and it shows.



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