Reach Your Potential Using Productivity Tools

People face many different difficulties in life. Family issues, health issues, employment issues, and personal issues may be the first ones that come to mind. During these periods, people’s productivity may be affected.

Feeling this is natural, but it can also be counterproductive. These moments can dwindle down motivations and increase fears. However, this need not be the case.

People can use many avenues in boosting their productivity. All thanks to the internet, there are a lot of productivity tools that anyone can use. In a quick Google search, you will find thousands of platforms that can guide you through your everyday tasks. These include typing tests, Pomodoro technique, and mind map maker.


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For over 2 decades, has been an active member of its communities. No two projects are the same, as all projects with getting to know unique cases. Through listening and asking, can offer help that responds directly to your needs and challenges. The platform knows that there are many ways to help individuals, so it asks you what you need from them.

Through training, one can increase your self-esteem and, in turn, improve the tasks that they handle every day. These tasks can range from household chores, work responsibilities, or even regaining your health back. wants to help people in reaching their potential. By doing this, it can be an avenue for people to build stronger families, experience healthy lifestyle changes, and better their employment lives.

Working with different communities, pushes people to identify their needs and to work towards them. The platform runs multiple projects with various agendas. However, its most common ones are about learning, family support, health, and wellbeing.

Other common problems communities have are poverty, unemployment, and inequality. These also tie in with problems of social exclusion and community safety.

By listening to their stakeholders and working with them, makes sure the help they give is sustainable. In fact, the people behind have set up many social enterprises. These include recycling and employment training programs.

Through these means, can empower people and raise the bar for their aspirations. When people re-realize their potential, they can make big strides in their life. Motivated, people can get back to work or learning, and will be poised to share their blessings.

By doing all these, makes sure that people are healthily productive. That is, they are empowered with themselves, which makes their work all the more productive and powerful.

Of course, the work does not stop there. Looking at the bigger picture, as each individual work on themselves, they also work on their communities. As a result of this, the communities flourish. Everyone gets a second chance at life, no matter what their backgrounds may be.


Improving Hireability Using Typing Tests

The next step, after self-improvement, is boosting productivity. For some, this is not a matter of personal barriers. People can spend their days in the slump, which is normal. However, those who experience it do not have to endure its cons for long.

For those looking to get hired, Word Count Tool can help. This is a platform that assesses your writing and gives you areas for improvement. Specifically, it tells you how readable your text is, how long it takes to read it, and so on. Of course, it also counts your work’s word count. What makes it special is all of its added (but helpful) features.


Increase Productivity Using Word Counter

To start, on Word Count Tool, you have a Word Frequency Counter. This is one of the most basic aspects of the site. This feature counts how many times each word in your text appears. Those looking for a career in SEO writing will definitely prove their hireability using this typing test. The word counter will give you the details you need in assessing your use of certain keywords.

The word counter also displays your Flesch Reading Score and Text Readability. Whatever job you may want to pursue, writing will be a part of it. If it is not the main focus of the job, getting that job will require a resume. In turn, resumes need you to write. Thus, in making sure your texts are readable, you can use these features. This displays how long (on average) will it take to read your text. Moreover, the Flesch Reading Ease scores your text. Depending on your word count, sentences, and syllables, a numerical value is produced by Word Count Tool. The lower that score is, the more readable your text.

From these tools, Word Count Tool can also predict how many pages your text will take up. When applying for jobs, people sometimes need to submit essays. Using this feature will make sure you hit your word counts.


Increase Productivity Using Pomodoro Technique


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Francesco Cirillo developed the Pomodoro technique in the 1980s. Since then, people worldwide have been using it to boost productivity. Its concept is easy to grasp and apply: work for 25 minutes, and take short breaks in between. All you need to follow this method is a timer. Using a phone is an option, but then you will have to set your timers alone.

For using this method, easier transitions produce better results. Thus, programmed timers, one that will not make you susceptible to distractions, is the best option for the Pomodoro technique.

Word Count Tool’s Pomodoro timer is an easy-to-use time management system. It gives you the time that you need to be laser-focused on your work. When using the classic timer, all you need to do is press ‘Start’ and then begin working.

After 25 minutes, you are free to take a 5-minute break. However, not all people are the same. If you need to customize your timer, the Pomodoro App gives you the freedom to do so. In this setting, you decide how long you work and how long your breaks will be.

Either way, its principles are simple yet effective. Don’t knock the Pomodoro method ‘till you try it!


Increase Productivity Using Mind Map Maker

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Last but not the least is Word Count Tool’s Mind Map maker. For those who think mind maps are only good for school projects, the platform encourages you to think again. Mind maps are effective tools in boosting productivity (especially for work) because it highlights the important facts of projects. By doing this, people get a clear idea of what they are making and what it is made out of.

There is a reason why this is encouraged for kids. Mind mapping also boosts one’s creativity. A big misconception is that this should only be encouraged for kids. Adults, especially those in the workforce, need to keep learning and creating. When people make connections of ideas, they can better present these ideas to the public.

The mind map tool helps users organize, summarize, and visualize their projects. It does not matter what project they are doing; a mind map is useful for all. Thoughts can come flushing in one’s mind. The mind map maker helps people record their thoughts and organize them in a breeze.

To do this, all you need is your central idea or project—known as the ‘main node’. From there, you add ‘subnodes’ or supporting ideas. The mind map tool gives you the freedom to color code or illustrate as much as you want. It is a platform for whatever your creativity needs.



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